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Precharge Projectnet

Precharge Projectnet is like Astromusicologie 101 (that I come third in) a SEO contest. Of course is it nice prizes with 1000$ to the winner, and not so much but total okey prizes to the second and third. They gonna also have monthly prizes that are on 500$ to the winner each month.

But how goes it in carcasherdotcom seocontest? Well, not so good. So from now I don´t gonna work so hard with the contest. Maybe later but right now is Precharge Projectnet much funnier. I help my friend Marcus Westberg with his Carcasherdotcom seocontest instead.

Lets see how it goes in Precharge Projectnet later. I have of course more sites related to the contest and here are some of them:

Precharge Projectnet blogspot
Precharge Projectnet googlepages
Precharge Projectnet blogmole
Precharge Projectnet notes