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Astromusicologie 101, what it is

I am one of the contestants in the SEO contest Astromusicologie 101. Before I also was leader, but for now I just have the second place. What is Astromusicologie 101 then?

It is a Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) contest only for students. Everybody that join must have a student e-mail and reading this year. I have that, of course, and I am a real student this year on Berzeliusskolan.

Astromusicologie 101 is a really good idea by a nice company called Bargaintix.com. The hat of for them. If you wish to help me, please contact me. Give me a link or something and I gonna give you a hug or something else (a link from a good site, for example).

I be back and write about Astromusicologie 101 before or after september 1th. It is the end- day of the contest.